Free Articles for Writers

by Kate Coffing, Ph.D.,
Coach for Women Writers

The following articles will help you create your own joyful writing process and set great goals to ensure your success. Enjoy!

Write SMART: How to Create Terrific Writing Goals—And Achieve Them!

The Write Habit: How to Strengthen Your Writing Muscle

Timer Magic for Writers

Write the F***ing Book: The Hardass Message for Procrastinators

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“Hiring a writing coach makes perfect sense because writing blocks happen. Having Kate as my own personal advocate helped revive my writing. She’s great at exposing the core issues that hold back a writer’s progress. She’ll restore your faith in yourself and your talent. Even if you fear the writing chair, I bet you’ll find a way to get your BICHOK (butt-in-chair-hands-on-keyboard) back!”

— Kyle Pierson

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