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Book Coaching Prices and Packages to help you write your book on this MacBook Air

Book coaching is an investment you make in yourself to write with joy, complete your book, and create the life you truly want!

Throughout coaching, you’ll receive resources and support for YOUR specific writing goals.

Psst: Did you know that coaching fees are often tax-deductible for people who use coaching to improve business and professional skills? Check with your accountant for details.

Do you want an ongoing book coaching package (the best value) or a one-time session?

ONGOING BOOK COACHING for is for women who:

Please note:

Select the package below that suits your writing needs, schedule and finances.

Ongoing Book Coaching Packages

My coaching packages are worry-free: if you choose a package and find it’s not right for you, you can change to another. Easy.

All coaching packages include:

Hear What Others Have To Say

“I had not given myself the gift of a coach before. I needed support, focus and some advanced expertise for manuscript submissions, queries, etc. Kate was a surprise and a delight! Her assistance was always just what I needed. For insight and information to support your writing, I can’t recommend Kate highly enough!”

Author Karen Jeffery

“Since beginning with Kate, I’ve been more inspired about my writing than ever. I truly look forward to our phone meetings, which are always comfortable and productive. She offers a wonderful blend of professionalism, wisdom, and care as we work together. She helps guide me when the challenging aspects of my writing project feel overwhelming, and reminds me to see and really appreciate the progress I am making one step at a time.

Kate lets me set the pace for our sessions. She provides constructive suggestions and praise with equal sensitivity, and has offered support on everything from crafting a book proposal to corresponding with literary agents. Her enthusiasm demonstrates her commitment to helping me reach my highest potential.

Working with Kate has been one of the best things I’ve done for my writing and for myself! Kate, you’re the best!”

Author Leigh Brill

“Every time I put the phone down after speaking to Kate, I am grateful for the decision I made in selecting her as my coach. Conversations with her are tailor-made workshops where I learn about the craft of writing, using my own work as an example.

Kate and I set goals and have deadlines for accomplishing them. Every week I’m answerable to her on these questions: Did I make the most of my creativity? Did I do my best? How can I do better? The excitement here is that my novel, which was once a vague idea, is now coming to life.”

Author M. Arafin


If you want coaching, you want meaningful results. Those results need your commitment. Most of the projects we’ll undertake together will require at least three months to complete, so if you hire me to be your book coach, know that you’ll be making a commitment of at least three months to yourself and your goals.


You can pay by either credit card or electronic check through PayPal, and convenient payment plans are available. Payment must be made before coaching begins.

Book coach Kate Coffing takes PayPal

I Guarantee Your Satisfaction With Ongoing Coaching

No one can guarantee the specific results someone will get from coaching, but I do guarantee your satisfaction with the book coaching process. If at any time you’re not content with the direction of coaching, simply let me know. We’ll take the steps needed to return power to the coaching relationship. Your openness about what you want for your life and from coaching is vital to our ongoing success.

If you feel our restructuring is not effective and let me know that, and if at the end of our initial three months together you’ve taken all the actions you agreed to, you’ve followed through with a 100% commitment to your progress, and you’re not satisfied with how you were coached, I’ll return the coaching fees you’ve paid me.

Bottom line: I want you to be a happy and successful client.

One-Time Coaching

Could one-time, special-issue coaching be the right choice for you? Absolutely, if:

One-time coaching is $250 for 40 minutes. Simply contact me and we’ll set up the meeting. I look forward to helping you!