Are you ready for a book coach?

Here’s a simple quiz to find out.

Do you want to:

Live your purpose as a writer? Yes No
Be true to your career dreams by going for them? Yes No
Focus on your vision and goals and take action? Yes No
Break through the fears that hold you back from success? Yes No
Expand your horizons? Yes No
Bring balance and harmony to your life? Yes No
Love what you do, and do what you love? Yes No
Wake up each day excited about your life? Yes No


If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then coaching may be for you…if you are willing to make all of the following agreements.

Are you willing to:

Be open to new actions, approaches, or outlooks that can help you reach your writing goals? Yes No
Have a positive mental attitude? Yes No
Do your best, even if your best won’t be perfect? Yes No
Listen to direct feedback to help you move forward? Yes No
Communicate honestly and fully with your coach, even if it’s about how you’re being coached? Yes No
See coaching as an investment in your life, and set aside adequate funds so you won’t regret or suffer about the fee? Yes No
Change beliefs or behaviors that interfere with your happiness and goals? Yes No
Take responsibility for your own successes (or failures)? Yes No
Take actions toward your true goals even if you won’t get immediate gratification? Yes No
Set a schedule for coaching sessions and stick with it? Yes No

If you answered yes to all of the above agreements, then a writing coach can help you achieve your goals!

Make an appointment for a no-obligation “get acquainted” call—you’ll see for yourself how coaching can work for you.

To choose a time, email me. I coach clients all over the world, so geography makes no difference. I want you to succeed, and I’m here to help you do it.

“Kate has helped me build a creative goal setting/achieving system that works. I will continue to use this process throughout my career and life. As a writer and self-publisher I was seeking encouragement and guidance from someone who understands the plight of the creative mind. Someone who’s ‘been there done that.’ Kate has.

Her understanding and friendly approach have helped move my ideas from dream to reality. She’s truly a unique find.”

— Laura M. Turner, author of Spiritual Fitness: The Seven Steps to Living Well

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