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From the time that I learned to read, the one thing I wanted to do more than anything was to write — and to touch other people’s lives through writing, as the books I loved touched mine.

It’s funny how wanting something can actually make it harder to achieve.

I completed a Ph.D. — but for many years, I couldn’t start a novel. Why? Because of everything I’d ever wanted to do, writing was the most important.

I was afraid to admit I might fail at my most treasured goal.

Finally, after looking at my creative block and what was really going on inside me, I knew I wanted to write enough to risk failure.

So I wrote.

And I’m more proud of that first, 400-page novel than of anything else I’ve done in my entire life.

Some advice for you: Feel the fear and do it anyway. Dream great dreams, then make them happen.

As Julia Cameron says, “Leap, and the net will appear.”

I did that. And I created my own net. So can you.

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Kate's coaching

I’m the only life coach who specializes in working with women writers. When you’re deep into your book and slamming into unforeseen walls, don’t you want someone who understands and supports you and your creative process?

Let me help you reach your dreams. I’ve published a dissertation, scientific papers, and articles as well as multiple novels, series, and short stories under pen names — and even hit the USA Today bestseller list. I’ve also been a finalist or winner in more than thirty national writing contests. There are many hurdles for writers, but it’s my pleasure to coach my clients and guide them to success.

My clients are smart and motivated. They’ve reached a point in their lives where they’re ready to take on a big challenge, and they know that having the right support makes all the difference. They want to hone their creativity and they’re determined to make it happen.

Because my coaching sessions are held by telephone, my clients and I can be anywhere and still work together. I’ve helped clients from all around the world.

Book coach Kate Coffing with lion cub

With a lion cub at a sanctuary in South Africa

I am the fortunate guardian of three delightful, purry cats, a high-maintenance (if pint-sized) dog, and an opinionated horse. Every month I donate to several caring organizations that shelter homeless pets. Two of my favorites are Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and Habitat for Horses. (Please consider visiting their websites. If you like, you can make donations directly from their home pages.)

I’m a National Merit Scholar with a B.A. in anthropology from Wesleyan University and a Ph.D. in human evolution from The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Along the way I was lucky enough to do research in Kenya, South Africa, Switzerland, Belgium, and Costa Rica. I taught and researched at the University of California (UCLA and UC Davis) for six years before becoming a book coach, and I’ve been coaching for two decades now.

My coaching style combines warmth, encouragement, and humor, and people value my intuition and deep listening. Clients have called me a “bright spirit” and “a midwife of change”. My favorite moment in coaching is the “a-ha!” — the shift in perspective that helps a client leap past an obstacle and zoom toward her goal. I want you to experience it!

Get help from an experienced coach — one who helps women write books from the heartContact me for a free “get acquainted” phone meeting. You have nothing to lose and a fantastic book to gain!

Love your writing with Book Coach Kate Coffing, Ph.D.

I went from baby steps on my own to quantum leaps once I began my journey with Coach Kate. She’s honest, genuinely encouraging, and has a way of unleashing your own magic.

Kate pushes my determination button and gives me the drive I need to prevail. She found my voice amid a page of words and gave it the flow it needed to set my work apart from others.

Her calm voice offers comfort and her creative ideas give inspiration. She has become not only my coach but now a forever friend and confidant.”  — Author Stacie Harmon

Kate Coffing was a featured speaker for the Sierra Writers in Nevada County, California. She provided the perfect mix of information and inspiration to help our writers not only to get started but to keep going on their writing projects.

Kate gave practical, do-able suggestions for setting and achieving writing goals. Her energy, optimism and ‘this is possible’ attitude were contagious and all who attended caught her bug. Several long-term members of Sierra Writers commented that Kate was ‘the best speaker we’ve had.’” — Author Betsy Graziani Fasbinder (Program Chair)

Book coach Kate Coffing & coaching client Eileen at RWA Reno

At the 2005 Romance Writers of America national conference with client Eileen Cassidy Rivera

Kate is calm, focused, and mentally organized, which has a contagious effect. She took just one thing and asked a lot of good pertinent questions to help me break it down, and gave real, useful, and yet simple suggestions.

I also appreciated it when she accepted that there were some things I knew would not work — it meant she was listening, and wasn’t speaking from a place of absolute knowledge and certainty. That’s good because it feels less like being told what to do as being gently guided along, taking an active part in the process, and having things organized.

And we laugh together!  — Author Sarah-Jane Stratford

Book Coach Kate Coffing laughing in the snow

Take courageous actions and watch the universe align itself with your goals.

Kate has been incredibly supportive of my creative dreams. I highly recommend her.”  — Author Barbara R. Saunders

Book Coach & Certified Coach — Coach Training Alliance
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