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Imagine your ideas and creativity flowing onto the page . . . and the thrill of publishing your book. Let me help you. I offer a book coaching service that helps women write and publish.

I’m a certified life coach who’s been a book coach for creatives since 2004. I’m also an award-winning author published in several genres and my novel pen name is a USA Today bestseller. I know the exhilaration of creating — as well as the concealed pitfalls of writing.

With me by your side, we’ll navigate the right path for your book and conquer any obstacles that block you. I’ll be your supportive partner during the exciting journey of writing and publishing.

Let me help YOU be a successful author!

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What My Book Coaching Clients Say

“Kate knows the highs and lows, and what works and doesn’t work in the publishing industry. She always listens and her attention to detail is phenomenal. Her ability to teach, listen and motivate truly exemplifies what it means to be an excellent coach.

Without her I wouldn’t have been able to write a full-length novel and publish it in a less than a year. Thank you, Kate, for taking this journey with me. You rock!”

Author S.B. Alexander

“Kate has helped me build a creative goal setting/achieving system that works. I will continue to use this process throughout my career and life.

As a writer and self-publisher I was seeking encouragement and guidance from someone who understands the plight of the creative mind. Someone who’s ‘been there done that.’ Kate has.

Her understanding and friendly approach have helped move my ideas from dream to reality. She’s truly a unique find.”

“Kate, when I first contacted you, I was unsure whether I could ever write a book, but you gave me confidence.

Thanks to you, I’ve really improved my writing skills. You also showed me the ropes on how to write the dreaded proposal and find an agent.

And now look! I have a book contract! It’s no exaggeration to say I couldn’t have done this without you. And I’ve found a good friend in the process. Thank you — you’re the best.”

Author Jan Elvin

If you want to write and publish your book and have fun doing it, contact me for a free book coaching consultation!